David Brin's second novel, Startide Rising, established him as one of the premier science fiction writers of his generation upon its 1983 publication. Released to tremendous critical acclaim, it went on to sweep the Hugo and Nebula awards for best novel. Startide Rising is probably the best space opera ever written and we are very likely to see it on the big screen in the near future.

Startide Rising is the second volume of Brin's first uplift universe trilogy. The novel Sundiver is Brin's first book in the uplift universe (where the practice of "uplifting" near-sentient species to full sentience is considered a rite of passage to full citizenship in the galactic culture, and where only humans appeared to rise to sentience on their own without a "patron" race, giving them a special status).

The other novels in the series are: The Uplift War (dealing with the invasion of Terran colony world, Garth), Brightness Reef (taking us to the planet Jijo, where a mix of Galactic races live in peace), Infinity's Shore and Heaven's Reach (the last two bring us back together with the "Streaker's" crew).

Since reading the Uplift novels, I have read everything else Brin has written. I like most of his other books, but the Uplift saga is absolutely the best Science-Fiction series written in the last 20 years! That's why I decided to put together this gallery, illustrating David's work. Enjoy!