"Foundation's Fear" © Jean Pierre Targete

"Foundation and Chaos" © Jean Pierre Targete

"Foundation's Triumph" © Jean Pierre Targete

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Over millennia, many scientists pondered over apparent lack of nonhuman civilizations in our Galaxy. Up till now, the horrible explanation of this mystery was well guarded... When a cybertech discovered irregularities on the surface of the neural network, he thought that it was just a harmless infection, since everything functioned properly. He was wrong. Illegal experiments awakened sleeping giants within.... It was now up to Hari Seldon to confront the ancient powers threatening the very existence of Empire...
© 1997 Robert Venosa

Several Hollywood studios tried and failed to film the saga - most recently Tristar Productions purchased the rights to the "Foundation" movie in 1996 - but they lost them soon afterwards... Atlas Entertainment acquired them soon afterwards and there is a chance that they will actually produce long awaited movie(s). To get the latest scoop, please check The Coming Attractions Page.

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