Over the span of forty two years Isaac Asimov created an epic of Galactic proportions: he showed us the rise and fall of the largest human Empire ever. Even though Isaac didn't live to finish the story, his fans will always treasure what he left for us. And, as you are probably aware, three of the most prominent modern SF writers decided to continue Asimov's work (with a blessing from Isaac's estate) and the result is the Second Foundation Trilogy: "Foundation'S Fear" by Gregory Benford, "Foundation and Chaos" by Greg Bear and "Foundation's Triumph" by David Brin (the best one in the series, in my opinion!). You can order all of these books from Amazon.com (visit the Imperial Library link below).

This gallery is meant as a tribute to Dr. Asimov. Some of the best SF artists created illustrations to the series and agreed to display their artwork on this site. Panayiotis (Taky) Kritidis, a talented composer from Greece, arranged the title music and other musical pieces that set the mood for this site.

"Foundation" is the first book in the series to be illustrated - so it may be a good starting point for your journey... You can also visit the "Spaceship-and-Sun" gallery - exhibiting different versions of the Empire's emblem.

While you are here, you can also visit my personal art gallery and read an interview I did with Dr. Asimov back in 1988.

Don't hesitate to consult the Encyclopedia Galactica if you have any questions concerning the Foundation saga... To learn more about the Good Doctor, please consult the Asimov Vault.