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According to the Encyclopedia Galactica General Bel Riose had potential to become one of the greatest conquerors in the history of the Galactic Empire. Decline of the Empire prevented him from demonstrating fully his outstanding strategic skills and ability to handle men. He was still young and energetic when he decided that Foundation poses a real threat to the very existence of the Empire. He convinced the Emperor to send him on a punitive expedition to the edge of the Galaxy.
© 1997 Donato Giancola

Small Foundation ships were faster and more advanced than Empire vessels, but morale of the troops was very low and Foundation was divided internally. General Bel Riose was close to defeating Foundation, when invisible hand of Hari Seldon intervened. Psychohistory prevailed again...
© 1997 Dave Bowden

Kalgan, a luxury vacation world, prospered even after the fall of the Empire. Gleaming Governor's Palace served as a residence for warlords ruling Kalgan and it was temporarily inhabited by the Mule who conquered Kalgan without much resistance.
© 1997 Stephen Hickman

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