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"The Stars, Like Dust" by Isaac Asimov

This novel is chronologically the earliest of the "Empire" novels. The story is set approximately a thousand years after the nuclear wars that left the Earth radioactive.
The search is on for the mysterious ancient document which will revolutionize the Galaxy...

"The Currents of Space" by Isaac Asimov

This is the most recent of the "Empire" books, although its story takes place between the other two.
Our hero is a nameless man, with unexplained, but very suspicious total memory loss. He was found helpless, wandering aimlessly on Florina. Florina was known throughout the Galaxy as the sole source of kyrt, a luxurious fabric always in demand. Kyrt does not grow anywhere else, in spite of illegal efforts to transplant it to other planets. As the hero begins to regain his memory, we gradually learn of a dark secret threatening the very existence of the planet....

"Pebble in the Sky" by Isaac Asimov

It is probably the best of the three Empire novels.
The hero, Joseph Schwartz is a 20th Century man thrust by a mysterious accident into a distant future. He emerges into a strange world : a radioactive Earth in the year 827 of the Galactic Era. The whole Galaxy is inhabited by humans but Earth is forgotten and despised by the rest of the Humanity. Schwartz finds himself caught up in a revolution of Earth militarists, who want to restore the old power and glory to the Home Planet.


"Prelude to Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

It is a prequel to the Foundation Trilogy. For the first time Asimov chronicles the life of Hari Seldon, the man who laid the framework for the grandest project humanity has ever attempted. The story takes place on Trantor during the reign of Emperor Cleon I. Hari is pursued by powerful enemies and the future of Psychohistory is at risk. Fortunately, our hero has some powerful friends as well...

"Forward the Foundation"by Isaac Asimov

The final science-fiction novel written by Asimov. "Forward The Foundation" brings to vivid life Asimov's best loved characters: hero Hari Seldon, his close family and friends, Cleon II, the vain emperor of the Galactic Empire and Eto Dermerzel, the power behind the throne. It may well be Asimov's most interesting fictional portrait of Hari's life and work...

"Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

If I had to choose, I would rate "Foundation" as the best of the entire series... It tells the story of the birth and early years of Foundation...

"Foundation and Empire"by Isaac Asimov

Thanks to its superior science and technology the Foundation survived encroachment by its neighboring warrior-kingdoms. Now it must face the Empire - still the mightiest force in the Galaxy. When an ambitious general determined to restore the Empire's glory turns the powerful Imperial fleet toward the Foundation, the only hope for the small planet of scholars and scientists lies in the prophecies of Hari Seldon. But the greatest threat to the Seldon's Plan is yet to come - one person who has the power to destroy it all: the Mule.

"Second Foundation" by Isaac Asimov

This book gives you the long awaited answers (as well as some more questions) to the mystery of the Second Foundation. Existence and nature of the Second Foundation is revealed as a result of the deadly fight with the Mule. Survival of both Foundations is at stake, since the victory over Mule will lead to a conflict between Foundations...

"Foundation's Edge"by Isaac Asimov

At last, the costly and bitter war between the two Foundations had come to an end. The First Foundation had proved victorious - at least that is what majority of Foundationers thought.... Two Citizens of the Foundation - a renegade Councilman and a historian - set out in search of the mythical planet Earth. . .and a proof that the Second Foundation still exists. Meanwhile someone - or something - outside of both Foundations seems to be orchestrating events to suit its own ominous purpose. Soon Foundationers find themselves drawn towards a mysterious world called Gaia where a shocking surprise is awaiting ....

"Foundation and Earth"by Isaac Asimov

Golan Trevise, former Councilman of the First Foundation, continues his search for the lost planet Earth, in hopes of finding the key to the future of Humanity. He visits several of the old Spacer worlds from the Robot novels (it is interesting to see how time has treated them - make sure to read the Robot Series first!) When Trevise finally reaches his destination he meets someone he never suspected to meet and finds that the Home Planet is not what he thought it would be...


"Foundation's Fear"by Gregory Benford

This is the first installment of The Second Foundation Trilogy, based on Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Benford kicks off exploring the beginnings of the Foundation itself and its creator, Hari Seldon. Seldon is working on a project to ease the inevitable collapse of the Galaxy - spanning Empire and to shorten the Dark Ages that will ensue. But the current emperor has other plans, like appointing Seldon first minister and thus thrusting him into a world of political intrigues and assassination attempts that ultimately will bring him up against future history's greatest threat.

"Foundation and Chaos"by Greg Bear

I was initially disappointed to find out that this novel retells many of the events described in original "Foundation". Yet Greg Bear avoids merely filling in the gaps once left to our imagination by Asimov - he breathes a new life into the characters and places that readers have enjoyed and treasured for decades. The story is extremely well written and the characters we have come to admire, despise, and respect are wonderfully portrayed. The epic quality of Asimov is preserved. It is a must read for all Foundation fans.

"Foundation's Triumph" by David Brin
This novel is is the best in the the whole Foundation Saga! I'm biased, since I love Brin's novels in general, but I think that David Brin managed to outdo the Master Asimov himself... Highly recommended!


"Sundiver" by David Brin

Three billion years ago the mythical Progenitors arose to begin the cycle of Uplift in which a Patron race aids a Client race to cross into full sentience. In return the Client gives the Patron 100,000 years of indentured servitude. Though the Progenitors disappeared long ago, before leaving they established the Galactic Laws and Galactic institutions, including the Library. No species has ever reached for the stars without the guidance of a Patron - except perhaps mankind. Did some mysterious race begin the uplift of humanity aeons ago? Humans jump into Galactic politics stirring emotions not seen in eons....

"Startide Rising"by David Brin

After making one of the most important discoveries in galactic history Terran exploration vessel Streaker (manned by dolphins, humans and chimpanzees) has crashed on the uncharted water world of Kithrup. Fleets and armadas of various Galactic fractions surround the planet and fight for the right to capture the Streaker... Galactic order falls apart - as the word of possible return of Progenitors spreads... Will Terran crew manage to escape and bring their secret back to Earth?

"The Uplift War"by David Brin

As galactic armadas clash in quest of the ancient fleet of the Progenitors, a brutal alien race seizes the planet of Garth, which was leased to Terrans. After internment of humans their client species must battle their new overlords or face ultimate extinction. At stake is the existence of Terran society and Earth, and the fate of the entire Five Galaxies.

"Brightness Reef" by David Brin

The vast civilization of Five Galaxies has roled out its security arsenal to prevent resettlement on planet Jijo until it is revitalized. Over the centuries, groups of sentient beings have eluded the laws and made Jijo a home. Six sentient races live there in peace forgetting their hostilities back home and forging a new, unique culture. What will happen when the Five Galaxies catch on? A strange ship in Jijo's skies may hold the answer...

"Infinity's Shore" by David Brin

When the alliance of six bands of sapient beings squatting on Jijo is tested by arrival of several Galactic spaceships, old animosities and resurface and venerable laws topple. For the fugitives of Jijo, it is truly the beginning of the end. Now the human settlers of Jijo and their alien neighbors must make heroic - and terrifying choices. And Jijoan humans are introduced to the species which claims the patronage of humankind...

"Heaven's Reach" by David Brin

Coming shortly to the bookstore near you! An explosive culmination of the saga.... Let's hope there will be more!

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